Product Education

2019 - 2022


Twitter remains committed to enhancing consumer experiences by introducing new and improved features. Among these innovations are Fleets, ephemeral posts lasting 24 hours, providing users with a novel way to share content; Spaces, audio chat rooms enabling real-time conversations; and Communities, user-generated groups centered around shared interests.


The primary objective was to increase the adoption of these new features. To accomplish this, the emphasis was on captivating users with the new offerings while simultaneously providing educational content that illustrated the functionality of each feature. The campaign sought to generate excitement, making users not only aware of their existence but also informed and enthusiastic about incorporating them into their Twitter experience.


To generate anticipation for the new features, Twitter's social channels launched dedicated campaigns for each product offering. Each campaign focused on highlighting the distinct qualities of the features, whether it was the playful nature of Fleets or the inclusivity and conversational aspects of Spaces. 

In conjunction with the promotional content, the strategy incorporated product demonstrations. These demonstrations were designed to simplify the understanding of where and how to use the new features, providing users with clear guidance. This approach aimed to ensure that users felt confident and comfortable incorporating these changes into their Twitter experience.

The combination of compelling campaign content and informative demonstrations played a pivotal role in the success of the strategy, not only introducing these features but also seamlessly facilitating their adoption within the user community.

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